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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hello, my name is CJ Hallock. We may not have met in person and may be only friends on Facebook or you may follow me on Twitter and not know much about me. Don’t worry, that’s awesome and I don’t love you any less because of that.
But there are some things that you might not know about me. So after some thinking, I thought why not share some stuff … I’m going to get into some fun stuff and some deep and somewhat dark stuff so if you aren’t wanting to go there then please back up and go back to what you were doing because this post may not be for you.
Here are 10 things I want to share with you …
1. I am 35 Years Old… I have been through a lot in my life that has made me who I am today. Some good & some bad but all were needed for me to be me.
2. I Don’t Like Political Parties … I do not and will not ever associate myself with a political party. I do believe that if you think your party can do no wrong … I’m sorry, but you are insane. (This isn’t to Bash Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton or anyone else … FYI so please don’t start political disputes in the comments. Feel free to ask questions tho lol)
3. I Can Rap! lol … OK so I’m not pursuing a career but I enjoy writing and have been making music for most of my life … I wrote my first “song” in 5th grade. AND no I don’t have it … my dad threw it away because I was grounded and should’ve been doing homework instead. But, I have recorded around 200 songs since my first trip to the recording studio. Also if you didn’t know … I once did a hip hop song for a Winterfresh Gum commercial that aired nationwide while I was in Bootcamp … I do have that recording but not sure I’ll ever put that garbage out ha ha But I might release the very first song I ever recorded in a studio … a lot of you who knew me at Sullivan South have already heard it anyway.
4. I Burn Wood … I have been burning wooden plaques for over 15 years. My plaques have been sold & shipped across the US. It started with cheesy ducks and silhouettes. I am self-taught and probably not one to learn from but I can try to help if I can.
5. I’ve Been Around The World … Left from Norfolk VA and through many stops in many countries I came back through LAX… Most of that trip was fun …until it wasn’t. (see #6)
6. I’ve Attempted Suicide … a few times but luckily when I was younger I was great at failing at stuff! Not going into detail here but I want to say if you are depressed, PLEASE CALL SOMEONE! Call me and I’ll be happy to talk to you. Or call the hotline … 1-800-273-8255
7. I Was Molested … as a child I was molested by 3 different men on different occasions. I did not speak out and still have to face 2 of them from time to time. If you are going through anything like that please tell someone! If they don’t believe you because they are closed minded … Call me or message me I’m glad to help if I can … (Don’t ask, I’m done killing people! lol 😛 )
8. I Have a Reason to Hate Homosexuals – Because I was molested by men when I was younger I have a strong argument to hate homosexuals but if you know me you know that I do not.  I’m a Christain and being homosexual is a sin. How could I not hate them after all that? A SIN! Lol Yeah, but all of us are “sinners” and if you think you don’t sin then guess what? …. That could be considered a sin in itself! I have had mixed feelings for homosexuals over the years and I did HATE them when I was younger. But, I do not now because I have learned that ONE person does not stand for ALL people within any group.  That ONE man isn’t a good representation of that group.  That ONE “Black Man” who robbed the gas station and sold drugs doesn’t make all “Black Men” “Thugs”. That ONE “White Man” who robbed the corner store and sold meth to your friend that killed him, doesn’t make all “White Men” bad.  That Cop that crossed that line doesn’t mean every cop ever is a piece of shit! Get it? Talk to the person. Hold a conversation. Get to know that individual and then show love because we should!  😛
9. I am a Published Author – That was a journey I’ve wanted to take since I was in High School …… I’ve written many books over the last 2 years or so and will be releasing a few more over the next few years. The first published book is titled “Stay Boosted” which is a book I wrote based off of a blog I ran every day for almost 3 years from 2009 – 2011 If you would like to read it you can get it on Amazon 🙂 I may be releasing it as an e-book in the near future but still gotta think on it.
10.  I’m Planning Global Domination … Ok, not really but I am planning on long term goals for me that include helping many different people and would like to shake the hand or hug everyone alive … I really want to interact more with people on a deeper emotional level.  So the first thing I’m going to be doing is launching a new podcast called 10Questions w/CJ … I initially wanted to make this my super fast podcast so I could try to get interviews with people I look up to and celebs … but now I have decided to interview a lot of people and from every walk of life ….Young, Old, White, Black, Purple, Moms, Business Owners … I know I can’t interview the planet but I want to try lol … the same 10 questions for everyone … Are you in? I’m going to be looking for people to interview if you would like to do it then shoot me a message to with the subject (Sign Me Up For Global Domination) … or just (I want to be interviewed) if you don’t want to be that “All In” 🙂
This is a lot of bouncing around and I know it is but I felt like sharing some of these things for a long time and finally got the courage up to share this so …
PS. If you are reading this I challenge you to share 10 things people might not know about you … write a blog like I did or just a list on social. If you do please tag me in it I’d love to read it 🙂


Hi! My name is CJ Hallock & I am an entrepreneur. I love Nebraska Football, Music, Art and Entrepreneurship. Follow along for my thoughts and much more!

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