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Ex-NFL Player & Local Coach Fights For A Better Future

Ex-NFL Player & Local Coach Fights For A Better Future

Back in January, Gerald Sensabaugh (Ex Dallas Cowboy NFL Player) was announced as the new head coach for David Crockett.

Considering that I can see the schools parking lot from my back porch, I can also hear the games.  I know I can tell you that the cheers are a lot more frequent and louder.

On September 22, the discussion about Coach Sensabaugh changed.

He posted on Facebook that a fan had come to the last game and wanted to meet him.  This fan was a student at Jonesborough Elementary.  Since they didn’t get a chance to meet, Sensabaugh took it upon himself to go to the school and surprise the student and his class. But what he saw wasn’t an environment he thought was conducive to learning.

Again, on September 24, Coach shared some concerns about the problems he was seeing within the education system. Prisoners were doing work on school campus while the students were in school.

While some people may say that his job is to “coach” and that is all.  Gerald is publicly sharing his journey and you can see his concern for making these young men into great citizens for our community.

He shared a post discussing the improvement of his players’ grades.  Mentioning that earlier in the season they had 13 players that had either a D or an F on their PowerSchool report. Transitioning to now, only ONE! (See That Post Here)

Coach Sensabaugh has since continued to share multiple posts on his Facebook account with massive concern about the way the Washington County School System was handling different things.

He was covered in a Facebook news story by Mike Lucas of WCYB.

Since this story aired a lot of other issues has been raised by Gerald Sensabaugh.

From money being stolen from a football fundraiser to employees of the school trying to sell him drugs and other items, the issues keep pouring in.

Now, the ex NFL player who is trying to better our community has been told he can’t have practice.

They canceled Monday’s practice (He still was able to build the team chemistry without it) and now has been told they will have practice today but he, the coach, is not allowed to attend.

As a member of the community, I believe we can come together to fix these issues but only if we come together. There is a petition on to keep Coach Sensabaugh as the head coach at David Crockett.  I ask that you sign that petition here.

Show your support! Share this & any other posts by Coach to tell the Washington County Board of Education that we don’t want our community taken down by politics & that we want people like Gerald Sensabaugh in the mix.  We want people who are willing to fight for not just the boys on the field, but also the kids in the community!

This post is based on my own opinion.  I have not spoken with Coach or any of the Officials at the school.  Nothing in this post should be construed or interpreted.  All posts referenced are linked to.


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